How to Achieve your Dreams in your Online Business – Lessons from the Olympic Games

Rio 2016 Olympic Games - Online Business LessonsHello and thanks for stopping by today. There is always a lesson to be learnt from every encounter or experience in life. This is even more so for all in the Online business niche. Getting better and better is the daily wish of every business owner.
For some weeks, the World’s attention was focused on the Olympics that was hosted by Rio precisely from August 1 – 20, 2016.

Athletes from different countries competed for medals. How did the individual athletes fare? And the countries? The number of medals received as displayed on the scoreboard point to a lot of factors.

Online Business Lessons

This article will consider just two of the many lessons learnt from the just concluded Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Desire: all the athletes that participated in the games desired success. They so desired to lay their hands on the medals. Some of them, months or even years prior to the competition could have picked up pictures of the medals, pasted them around their environment, spoken about them to their family and friends, fantasized about being decorated, etc. All those actions were borne out of the desire to win in whichever sports they would participate in.

The lesson? The first step to achieving one’s dream is to desire it. What are your dreams? Do you desire success in your online business? Do you really desire it? Search yourself. If you realize that you are not in love with ‘your dreams’, then it’s probably not yours. Maybe you are working towards someone else’s dreams. Reappraise your goals and dreams. Do you feel them? Your answer will be affirmative if you desire them.

Dedication: Olympic Games come every four years. All the athletes and countries that made good use of that four year interval went home with bags full of medals – gold, silver or bronze. They were dedicated to the course they had chosen. Another word for that is commitment. It was not a one off action. That dedication was responsible for their regular practice sessions.

There would have been times when the weather was not right. It is also true that there were times when the athletes didn’t just feel up to it. There could also have been setbacks from others like their coaches, fellow athletes, family, friends, Government officials, etc. In spite of all those ‘valid obstacles’, their dedication or commitment saw them through.

The lesson? In the building your online business, obstacles or setbacks are surely going to come your way. The question is: Are you dedicated to the business? Are you committed enough to go through the roadblocks? Well, your scoreboard will provide the answer.
Is success achievable? Yes. Desire your dreams and be committed to them!

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