Network Marketing – An Equalizing Opportunity for Both

Unlike the Network Marketing industry, very many professions do not favor the female gender. More often than not, ladies have to let go of certain career pursuits in order to fit into their nature-endowed roles. Let’s us buttress that by taking a closer look at some sectors.

In some 3rd generation banks, females have to enter into an agreement to remain

single for a certain period of time. For the already married, they are to suspend starting a family (child bearing) for the period indicated in the agreement. Are their male counterparts required to sign same agreements? Obviously not!

Sportsmen can conveniently marry and raise a family during their careers. What of the sportswomen? Can she actively participate in sports and raise a family at the same time? Hardly. Priority issues come up, and in some cases, she definitely has to make a choice between career and family.

The oil sector offers different types of jobs. A prominent and high paying job in the industry is the offshore position. Here again, there’s a huge discrepancy in the ratio of Men to Women on offshore platforms. For a number of valid reasons, the oil companies put in certain policies to limit the exposure of the females to such jobs.

Why Network Marketing is an Equalizer

The purpose of this article is not flag up feminist issues. Rather, it is aimed at encouraging the female folk to take a critical look at the Network Marketing career where none of the challenges identified in the scenarios above exist. The image below gives the true picture of the Male to Female ratio of the Network Marketing industry.

Why is it that way in Network Marketing? Why do the females outnumber the males? There are a number of reasons. However, the first and probably most important reason is: it is truly a home-based business. Females, women, the gender folk, they are the home makers. So while they are fulfilling their domestic roles, they conveniently operate their Network Marketing businesses. As the business of the 21st century, it takes full advantage of technology. That has made it even easier and more interesting. So with just a smart device and internet connection, right from the comfort of her home, she operates her business. Hence we use different terms like “Pajamas Business” and “Sleepwear Business to refer to the associated comfort.

In Conclusion

What’s your excuse? What is your situation? Student? Single and searching?  Applicant?  Working? Newly wedded?  Expectant mum?  Nursing mum?  Mother of toddlers?  Housewife?  Caregiver?  What is your situation? Whatever it is, you can fit into the industry. Network Marketing is very flexible. It is indeed an equalizer; an opportunity where anyone, irrespective of his/her gender can produce extra ordinary results.

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