Succeed In Your Home Based Business – Basic Daily Habits (Part 3)

SUCCEED IN YOUR HOME BASED BUSINESS – BASIC DAILY HABITS Part 1The third and concluding part of the series: Succeeding in Your Home Based Business – Basic Daily Habits will discuss the rest of the factors.

    • Exercise: What does exercise have to do with succeeding in your home based business? Regular physical exercise pumps up your energy level, it delivers oxygen and nutrients to your body and that helps your system to function more efficiently. Exercise increases your endurance and strength, as well as helps to control your mood. These qualities are highly needed by an entrepreneur who wants to achieve success in his/her home based business.

  • Wake up Early: Several studies and research materials have shown that waking up early enhances productivity. It is a simple analogy: if you wake up early, you get more done. How is productivity bolstered by rising up early? After a good night rest, the brain is well rested. It is therefore properly charged to take on tasks and perform efficiently. Early in the day, distractions are few; so much can be achieved with minimal interruptions. Of course, if one does not get enough sleep, the brain will not be properly charged. Do you find yourself grumpy in the morning when you wake up? Get into the habit of going to bed early every night. This paragraph will be incomplete without referring to two quotes of the first United States Ambassador to France, Benjamin Franklin: ‘‘Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” and “The early morning has gold in its mouth”.


  • Manage Money: Every business requires the flow of cash to keep it going. A home based business is not any different. Resources (either materials or services) are used on a daily basis in the operation of the business such as internet facilities, power supply, etc. All of these need to be paid for. Besides these, you as an entrepreneur should pay yourself at regular intervals. To achieve all of that, the money available for the business has to be properly managed. You should avoid overspending, take proper inventory of expenditure and keep records of income. You definitely need to develop the skill of managing money wisely, thereby ensuring a steady cash flow for the business, as well as settling all incurred costs.


The habits listed in this and the two preceding articles contain principles that apply to any home based business. Make conscious efforts to apply them on a daily basis, before long you will begin to see the positive results.


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